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drills help you. >> clayton: he gave me five items and i have to remember the grocery list dave gave me. >> alisyn: four hours ago. >> clayton: five. >> alisyn: five hours ago. >> alisyn: we'll test you on the "after the show" show, we'll see you next weekend, tomorrow, erin brockovich is on the show. tune in then. >> jamie: good morning, a "fox news alert." rebel forces in lybia bracing for possibly the biggest battle yet, trying to take control of tripoli, the capital city an pro qaddafi forces are striking back now, a fierce and violent counterattack, intense gunfire on the ground, war planes firing on rebels from the air, and regime forces shelling everything in sight. those are the reports, good morning, great to have you here, i'm jamie colby.
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>> eric: welcome to america's news headquarters. who or when will qaddafi end up clinging power, those are the questions as fierce battles are raging on the front lines. rebels try to cut a path toward tripoli, between sirte and ras lanuf, and leland vittert is streaming live, from lybia, in what is considered free lybia. >> reporter: the rebels advanced pretty well through the... good morning, air rushing, the rebels had advanced pretty well into the town of ras lanuf and were trying to push farther to sirte, muammar qaddafi's home town and a strong hold and the residents of the village invited them in and ambushed them and, allowed muammar qaddafi forces to come behind and now there is a fierce firefighter, and muammar qaddafi
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forces are supported by heavy weapons and anxious and there is also air support for the rebels, coming in the forms of fighter bombers and military attack helicopters which, is truly an unfair fight for these rebels and the rebels also are showing here how they have no command and control structure, and are inexperienced and little communications and cellular communications is how they have been talking to each other, and it was shut down in the areas, the fighting was going on and the rebels had been advancing and certainly stopped advancing now and it is becoming a much dicier situation for them. for a long time, they have been unchecked as they pushed through towards the town of sirte and hoping to push onto tripoli and the other thing you are seeing is the rebels are long on bravado and have a lot of gusto but they don't have probably a lot of staying power, to give you an anecdote here. as we were standing in the rebel strong hold, trying to watch and see what happened, the crowd was
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ripped into a frenzy by their commander and everybody got into their cars, and you would think were headed up to go help out all their buddies in the firefight, 50 kilometers up the road and they flashed a sign, which means victory or death in the middle east as they got into their cars and sped away and the only thing that wasn't inspiring about the story, is they were all speeding in the wrong direction. they were all retreating, as all their friends were involved in the the firefight. eric, back to you. >> eric: a fierce battle continuing and we'll see how it plays out. leland vittert. live in free lybia. jamie. >> jamie: with ground battles getting bloodier in lybia, a battle brewing in how much involvement america should have in the unrest. president obama said this week, all options are op the tabtions the table, but when, if at all, is the time to intervene. k. t. mcfarland, the host of fox, we never this is.
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k. t., thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> jamie: what is on the table actually for the u.s.? >> well, we could, declare a no-fly zone but that is complicated, because, while the u.s. has aircraft, in all the nate tows countries, italy and britain and germany we cannot use this aircraft unless we have permission from the host country and that is not likely to come. they've already said they will not give permission unless the u.n. or nato-wide agrees to that and that will not happen. >> jamie: going it alone -- >> we'd be in it alone and, a no fly zone is not just to say, nobody fly over lybia, what a no-fly zone would require is that u.s. aircraft, probably based on carriers, would go in to lybia and would bomb lybia and bomb the air defense system of lybia and fly 24/7 over lybia and that is a major commitment. and, also sets the precedent, what about the next revolution that you will see? because you will see more of these. and, so, the question is, could we do it? yes, we could but it is at a
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great cost and secondly, joe, jamie is the question, should we? now, right now, so far the libyan rebels are doing pretty well. and, so, they don't really need our help. it would make it easier for them, sure, but, you know, revolution are not necessarily smooth, easy, over in a week as we saw with egypt and the second point about that, is, it is so important that all of these revolutions throughout the middle east are made at home. they don't want to have the stamp "made in america" because that will dez crediscredit themy go forward and there is a lot we can do before we have to do a no-fly zone, we could give them military equipment an humanitarian relief and send people on the ground to help train them and that is way down the road. right now, let them do what they are doing, pretty well. and, don't be too impatient, because it will take a long time. this is not going to be egypt, not going to be lybia, i mean, tunisia. it could be a civil war and could be bloody and could take a while but the rebels win and it is theirs, ultimately.
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>> jamie: it is already bloody, some of the videos, really tough to watch. should we wait and see what happens with egypt and bahrain before we make a decision? does that make sense? >> yes. and, jamie you hit on the right question, because, the -- as important as lybia looks to us now, in the u.s. strategic interests, the two countries that matter the most are egypt and bahrain and egypt to see whether the egyptians can in the next few months, form some kind of consentual government and transition to democracy and elections, because, if egypt can do it every other country will say if they do it, that this is road map and we'll do it, too and bahrain a difference conflict and that is sunni versus shia and that is a proxy fight between iran and saudi arabia. because, saudi arabia looks at that and says, well, if the shiite people in bahrain can take a bigger role in government and force the change of government then i, saudi arabia or i, kuwait, who have large shia minorities, we may be in
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for revolution and demonstrations of our own. and, that is where our real strategic interest is, why? saudi arabia has all the oil. >> jamie: no doubt about that. everybody in the region is on edge and watching closely, as we are. will be interesting to see what the house says about it and if we take action in the near future. k. k. t. mcfarland, always greao talk to you. >> thanks. >> eric: a "fox news alert," the price at the pump. we are learning this morning the white house is considering tapping into america's emergency oil supply. one way to help ease the soaring oil prices. and, skyrocketed since the unrest in lybia. and white house chief of staff, bill daley saying today the obama administration is looking at the u.s. oil reserve, as one option to try and cool down the rising prices. the reserve is the largest emergency supply of oil in the world. what does it mean for us and how will it affect what we are paying for gas? predictions, you know, of
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gasoline going up to $4 a gallon, coming up, we're going to look into that. >> jamie: president obama says he is willing to make a deal with house republicans, offering deeper spending cuts. if congress can find a way to compromise and pass a budget bill that would end the threat of a government shut down. but, the man that has been crucial for negotiating that deal, vice president joe biden, has been asked to step in. he'll be out of the country this week. so, what will happen? peter doocy live in washington with the latest. >> reporter: jamie, though president obama said republicans and democrats should figure out a budget without delay, it looks like there will be a little more of a delay, because, as you said, the white house's lead negotiator, in vice president joe biden will be leaving the country for five days, this afternoon. the vice president met with members of both parties, and both houses, of congress on capital until this week, and, his words after the meeting made it sound like the dialogue would be continuing soon, in a
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one-sentence statement the vice president said, quote, we had a good meeting and the conversation will continue. but, nothing will continue, at least not with the white house's point man, joe biden in the room, until he gets back from finland, russia and moldova and that will not be until next friday which wipes out a whole week of possible negotiations which further presses lawmakers against their deadline of march 18th, which is the following friday and the minority whip in the house, democratic congressmen steny hoyer says because of all of the paperwork that comes with the bill this big he thinks an agreement needs to be made, by next thursday. and, if he is right, jamie, that gives congress even less time to make up a new budget and if they don't they can pass another one of these shorted-term stengsz extensio-- extension or let the government shut down. >> jamie: two weeks at a time, interesting concept. thank you, peter. >> eric: the battle of the budget plans in the senate, u.s. senators will vote on two different plans, those plans are billions of dollars apart.
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republicans are offering the version passed by the house and that has 62 billion dollars in cuts, and, democrats are proposing to slash just one-tenth of that, $6 billion. so, can they bridge the big gap? what happens if they don't, david drucker is a staff writer with "roll call", we have a $1.65 trillion budget deficit and, some say they are fighting over the crumbs. what will happen? >> well, a great question, and i think it will come down to whether house republicans and senate graduates in concert with the white house can reach an agreement on something that is sort of a true middle for all sides. so they can get something good but go back to their supporters and explain that obviously, we couldn't get the whole loaf but this isn't so bad. and, if they can do that, then we'll have a deal and if not, i think we are likely to see another short-term extension passed to give them more breathing room. >> eric: we're dealing with short-term extension after
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short-term extensions to try and prevent a potential government shut down. >> i get paid two weeks at a time. why not the government! i think part of the problem here, eric, is, and, you kind of -- we have hit on this as we talked about this, republicans and democrats philosophically have different ideas of how much money the governments should be spending. and, democrats look at a lot of these ex-send expenditurspen --s necessary to help people get through tough economic ties and republicans see that as burdening the economy and stifling job growth and they are at loggerheads and, then, we don't start from a rational policy perspective, we really start from the political perspective, and, how can somebody win the argument. >> eric: what do you think can be, will be cut? >> well, i thought the speaker boehner and house republicans did something that was smart,
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with this initial two week short-termer and that is they looked for everything that democrats have agreed to, in the past, in terms of actual cuts in spending. and they went for that. and so i think that they are going to start to user word, with the crumbs and keep going with as many crumbs as they can. >> what specifically are the crumbs? what specifically are we dealing with. >> look at the gao report that showed massive duplication of government programs. and misallocation of money, but, beyond that, it is hard for me to tell you, because one man's crumb is another man's vital program. but i think they'll both try and all sides to find those things that are easy. and, don't forget, no matter what they do, with the continuing resolution, to get us through the end of the fiscal year, which ends september 30th, unless they want to address the entitlement spending, and, unless they deal with raising the debt limit, this whole thing, whole fight about budget
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and spending is not going anywhere, it's not going to be resolved. >> eric: you hit it on the head and talk about entitlement spending and 20% of the budget goes to social security and 20%, medicaid and medicare, and children's health, 20%, or plus, to defense. and what will happen? americans want some type of answer and we want a resolution to the budget issue. >> well, i think the answer will ultimately be provided by the american people. if the american public clamors for some sort of entitlement reform, or overhaul, lawmakers will gingerly step forward and provide it. but, if people start to pull back and say, no, don't touch social security, wait, don't touch medicare, you will not find anyone in washington willing to deal with that and i know, right now, you talk to peel on the hill, there are a few brave actors and talk to the white house, you know, they kind of wink and nod, occasionally. but, everybody is very fearful of coming out first on social
10:14 am
security and medicare and then having the rug pulled out from under them, and they are in trouble, come november 2012, and so i think this is going to be a very interesting dance. i don't think that republicans have the mandate to deal with entitlement spending they would -- some would like to think and on the other hand, people are clearly concerned about what is going on in the country from a fiscal standpoint and so, it is tough, i'd like to have a real answer for you, but the truth is i don't know that people really know what they want. >> eric: we have two weeks to go. we'll talk about it again, two weeks from now, david drucker, thanks, good to see you, as always. >> jamie: a deadly tornado striking louisiana. literally tearing through a small town like a buzz saw. and, reportedly killing a young mother, who was trying to protect her child. an update on the destruction and also the current storm conditions, you need. and are you getting ready for tax time? did you know the number of audits went up significantly by more than a million a year?
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what do you need know to avoid one? the red flags, from a former irs agent. that is coming up. the challenge jobs. don't tell me about a dog. a day care full of kids, house chickens. call a day's work. call 1-800-steemer [ male announcer ] springtime belongs to the doers.
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>> jamie: a fox extreme weather alert, a mother reportedly killed when she was drying to
10:19 am
protect her child. -- trying to protect her child and hundreds are homeless after a tornado rips through the town of rayne, louisiana and the twister left a path of destruction a quarter mile wide and three miles long, and happened late yesterday, damaging more than 100 homes, and 1500 people were evacuated, because they had natural gas leaks and the sheriffs department saying the 21-year-old mother who died was trying to shield her child when a tree fell on their house, and the child made it out okay. right now, many residents still without power. >> eric: the budget, lawmakers managed to avoid a partial government shut down, by pacing the comfort miez to ke-- compro keep the government running and have until march 18th to nail done a budget agreement and it comes down to spending cuts. can both sides hammer out an agreement? dick durbin, democrat, and republican jim hensarling, faced that question on fox news sunday. >> i can tell you personally,
10:20 am
i'm willing to see more deficit reduction but not out of domestic discretionary spending. when you cut education, innovation, and infrastructure, you are not dealing with the reality of this recession. >> we're going to fight for, again, is putting america on a fiscally sustainable path to help create jobs today, save our children from bankruptcy tomorrow. >> eric: joining us now is this anchor of fox news sunday, who joins us every sunday at this time, chris wallace. good morning. >> chris: good morning, eric. >> eric: there's the debate. what will happen? we have two more weeks. >> chris: that's right, actually less than two weeks until the budget runs out and it is two weeks from friday. from the last friday, and, there is a big difference, the democrats are -- want $10.5 billion in real cuts, from current spending and the republicans are insisting on $61 billion and you heard dick durbin say he flat will not go above the $10.5 billion in current spending on discreti
10:21 am
discretionary spending and that is the only area being addressed now and he will not go above $10.5 billion and is not nearly enough to come close to halfway to where the republicans are. so, they have a lot of goebiating to do the next 12 days and if they don't they will need a temporary extension, for another two weeks, which is a heck of a way to run a government, or we'll have a government shut down. >> eric: what are the answers of the quote, government shut down? will it be partial? we have gone through that before, back in the 1990s. >> chris: yes, if it happens, absolutely, it would be partial. and, we should make that pointed. there are a lot of, quote, essential personnel that would continue to work, obviously, flight controllers and the military, and, people like that and a lot of systems are automated. what are the chances it will happen? they may be able to find -- last time they found $4 billion and the republicans say if you want the temporary cuts, give us $2 billion in cuts, per week,
10:22 am
because $2 billion per week, 50 weeks is $100 billion they promised. and they say, give us $2 billion a week, in this case, $4 billion for two weeks or we have to solve the problem and they might find 2 or $4 billion for another temporary cut and eventually have to make a deal or we'll have a government shut down. >> eric: sounds like one of those three card monte deals, trying to move things around and find the $4 billion. thanks, chris. and there will be more on fox news sunday and you can hear more from senator dick durbin and jim hensarling. fox news, we'll be here on the fox news at 2:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. eastern, or check your local fox station, where you live. jamie? >> jamie: a retired american fbi agent disappears in iran, nearly four years ago to the day. and, now the u.s. state department says there is
10:23 am
evidence that robert levinson is alive. we will talk to a former fbi kidnapping negotiator, coming up. plus the over-the-counter drug that may prevent a major britain disorder. dr. isadore rosenfeld and the "sunday house call" with that study, next. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita.
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>> eric: the top headlines, a earthquake rocking northern chile this morning, and hit 70 miles outside of the port city of arica and had a magnitude of 6.3 and now, no word on the extent of the damage or injuries and lybia, pro qaddafi forces steps up attacks on anti-government remgs rebels. war planes launching strikes against rebel fighters, as they advance, toward the capital of tripoli and man oh, man, gas prices continue to rise! and the white house says it is considering tapping into the country's oil reserves. to try and ease the soaring costs.
10:28 am
>> jamie: how are you feeling this morning? pretty good? we're about to make you feel better. it is time for "sunday house call"! and with us, host, dr. isadore rosenfeld, who every week at this time gives us information so we can feel even better, the ross is distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center. doc, we're feeling pretty good, can't wait to hear what you have for us today. >> thank you. >> eric: good morning. >> i think we have interesting topics. if you want to introduce them. >> jamie: let me tell you about the first one, ibuprofen, there is research the doc wants to tell us about, about a benefit of ibuprofen. what is it, doc? >> an interesting observation. it is found people who take ibuprofen, the trade name is motrin and people take it for
10:29 am
aches and pains and so on but those who take it on a regular basis have a 33% lower risk of deception parkinson's disease. >> jamie: wow. >> what the mechanism is, i don't know. and, i certainly don't recommend you taking the medication, on an ongoing basis, to just prevent the theoretical possibility of parkinson's but i thought it was an interesting piece of information that people should have. >> eric: all right, doctor, speaking of medication, over 30 million americans take over the counter pain relievers every day and it might help with one problem but men might be developing another one, doctor, can you explain that? >> yes, these -- you know, unfortunately, so many of us have aches and pains in our knees and joints and wherever and get into the habit of taking painkillers, when we need them.
10:30 am
well, if you take one of the well phone painkillers, aspirin, ibuprofen, the other nsaids, if you take them three times a day, you run the risk of developing erectile dysfunction. and i don't know what the mechanism is but, people who take these drugs on an ongoing basis have trouble with -- men have trouble with sexual performance. >> jamie: doc you caught the attention of millions of americans. you don't know what the mechanism is, but what do you do about it? >> well, you try to get physiotherapy, get to the cause of the pain, whether it is arthritis other types of drugs, but the fact is these drugs are associated with erectile dysfunction. >> jamie: we've known for a while there is larynx between weight and some kinds of breast
10:31 am
cancers, but this week, researchers released a new study, that shows a link between obesity and a less common but far more deadly type of breast cancer. the doctor wanted to us know about that. how about that, doc? >> well, you know, women with breast cancer have receptors in the breast and they are treated for their breast cancer by medications that attack the receptors. estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors, her receptors, but there is another form of breast cancer, in which there are no receptors, and this is very much more difficult form of breast cancer to treat and the thing is, that it is most apt to happen in obese women. so, if you have a family history of breast cancer and are worried about breast cancer or have
10:32 am
nodules that your doctor is watching, it is very important for you to keep your weight under control. >> eric: very important, all right, doctor. we talk and hear about the perils of having too much weight and weight loss and another sobering study, this has to do with diabetes, the first study to link type two diabetes to a measured reduction in life expectancy and the dangers of type-2 diabetes, doctor. >> it is very important, if you are diabetic, to keep your sugar under control. diabetics who don't pay attention to their sugar levels have a reduced lifespan, they run the risk of cardiovascular disease, heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes. kidney disease, and liver dysfunction. so, it is very important if you have this kind of diabetes, to make sure that you -- it is
10:33 am
being treated either by diet and/or medication and if necessary with insulin. >> eric: what is the best way to try and prevent diabetes, exercise? wha watch your sugar? what can you do? >> one is most vulnerable with overweight. i don't think you can get diabetes from eating too much sugar gut there but there is a factor and weight is the most practical risk. >> eric: all right, doctor, good advice as always. >> jamie: every week, the doctor's inbox gets loaded up with viewer e-mails and this week we have a question that is based on a topic we discussed, last week, which was shingles, robert girardi of jupiter, florida, thanks for your e-mail, wrote: i asked my doctor about a shingles shot and he ordered a blood test to determine if i was at risk for shingles and the test revealed i was not at risk and should not take the shingles vaccine, was he correct in not
10:34 am
ordering the vaccine for that patient? that is what the patient wants to know. >> yes, he was correct and let me explain why. shingles only occurs in people who have had chicken pox years ago. when they were young. after you get chicken pox, the virus goes to the spinal cord and climbs up the spinal cord and sits down in the cells of the spinal cord. later on, when you get older, if you are under stress or for some other reason the virus decides to come back and retraces its steps and comes back as shingles. so, if they test your blood, and you have no antibodies to chicken pox, that is, you never had chicken pox, you will never get shingles. >> jamie: very good but that is not part of the standard blood screening. you have to ask for that.
10:35 am
>> some doctors may do that. i don't in my own practice. >> jamie: great, thank you. >> eric: a lot of people have trouble sleeping and if you do, maybe having a drink at the end of the night to help you unwind, does that shot actually help? myth or fact? dr. rosenfeld will be right back to break that all down, plus, it may be the weekend but that is not stopping tens of thousands of protesters in wisconsin. we'll show you what they are doing, this sunday morning. [ bob ] i'd love to build bird houses for the rest of my life. so i've got to take care of my heart. for me cheerios is a good place to start. [ male anuncer ] to keep doing what you love, take re of your heart with cheerios. the whole grain oats can help lower cholesterol. love your heart so yo can do what you love.
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the morning after the big move starts with back pain... and a choice. take advilow... and maybe up to 4 in a day. or, choose eve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. smarmove. ♪ >> jamie: welcome back, thousands of protesters in wisconsin are taking to the streets for rallies this weekend. the protesters coming out to show their support for public workers. as a show down is continuing over a controversial anti-union budget bill. one woman says she is there to support her friends and family. >> we are here for the people who have to work, yes, since we
10:40 am
are retired, this is something we can do, for our state and our country. and we have people from up north and around the state, who cannot get down here. and, they have thanked us profusely for coming out here and doing this for them. >> jamie: strong feelings on both sides and so far, neither side is budging. republican governor scott walker says, he refuses to compromise on the collectsive bargaining issue. -- collective bargaining issue. ♪ >> eric: back now, "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld and every week he helps us sort out medical myth from fact and this week he's going to look at a common belief that goes back a long time and that is, if you have trouble sleeping, an alcoholic drink at bedtime can help you go to sleep. take a shot of whiskey or brandy or something. doctor, myth or fact. >> i'm sure you have heard from your friends, and, they come and tell you, i have trouble sleeping at night, i think i'll
10:41 am
have a good drink before a go to bed. and then i will sleep. well, you will be in trouble if you do. because, when you take alcohol, at bedtime, it may help you fall asleep, and in the initial effects but believe me, you will toss and turn the rest of the night. so, if you have trouble sleeping, try to find out what the problem is. look into other medications you are taking for blood pressure or whatever other ailments you have and if you take them at bedtime talk with your doctor and maybe ought to take them early in the morning, insomnia has many, many causes from psychological problems, to medical problems, so, if you have chronic insomnia, talk to your doctor about it. but, don't take these things. >> eric: and people say if you drink at night, the sugar metabolizes in your body, or keeps you up or your heart can race. >> what happens, in my experience, and in the literature, if you take liquor at night, you will fall asleep
10:42 am
sooner. but as i said, before, you will toss and turn the rest of the night. >> jamie: i'm not a big drinker, if you go out and have a big meal at night, you may collapse from that, initially, would that also be a problem. >> it might be a problem, how often do you do that jamie? i don't know, if that is your lifestyle, then i have to tell you, you will have chronic insomnia. but, for most people, who they have trouble sleeping, they don't take these things, when they go to bed. >> jamie: i was asking, because i see a lot of people go out to eat late at night and i wonder if that could be bad for them -- >> if they do that on a regular basis they may have chronic insomnia. >> eric: i have the answer, just drink warm milk... and have a banana. and you have to get the banana and milk, warm milk and if that doesn't do it, call me. >> jamie: stay up! all right, just when you thought you knew everything about the dangers of smoking, there is a new study and it found a link to
10:43 am
a certain type of cancer, believe it or not, though, it is not lung cancer. doc, fill us in on that one. >> smoking post-menopausal women, who smoke, are at significantly increased risk of developing breast cancer. now, you know, whenever the question of smoking comes up, i could spend a whole hour telling you why it is dangerous and everything from stroke to heart attack to cancer. but, with respect to this specific question, it is definitely an increased risk for cancer and breast cancer in post-menopausal women. >> jamie: and not before? >> i don't think it has been -- i don't think it has been as well documented. i would say that if it is -- causes breast cancer post-menopausal women, it may increase the risk at a younger
10:44 am
age, anyway but may have something to do with the interaction of tobacco and hormones. >> jamie: you always recommend no smoking and today what would be your advice for the best method to quit. >> i want to tell you on april the 12th -- did i tell you this before. >> jamie: i want to remember the year, doc. >> april 12, 1961 i stopped smoking. i wasn't a heavy smoker but i told you before, how it happened but maybe we have new listeners and i was at a medical meeting and i was showing some equipment with an electro card graphic equipment with a screen and my wife monitored it and i was walking around the hall, smoking a cigarette, and, some doctors came by and looked at the screen where my electrocardiogram was being shown and saw the extra beats and they said to me wife,
10:45 am
who is that and she said that is my husband at the other end of the room, where we were transmitting it and they called me over and i inhaled and these extra beats showed up, and, i stopped smoking. now, i can't tell everybody to go to a medical meeting and put on an electrocardiogram and have their wife monitor the screen but i mean, i think in my experience, in my practice, the people who have been most successful in stopping smoking are those who have decided to do it and act on it and there are drugs like chantix and others that help you and if you have trouble you can use them. but, i really think that because of the addictive properties in nicotine, the only way, best way to do that is to overcome that addiction, by willpower. >> jamie: all right, doc, not everybody has a wife like you you have but it is good to look
10:46 am
after someone who smokes and encourage them to stop. >> eric: bad for your health, says dr. rosenfeld. from smoking to the flu to ulcers, the doctor will be back with a lot more medical news in a moment and we'll have this, the latest on the federal judge ruling in florida, about the president's health care law. declaring it unconstitutional and why the florida case could mean big changes to the law across the country. the attorney general of florida will be here, to explain. . [ female announcer ] it's monday, some people will stick with their old way
10:47 am
of getting vitamins and minerals. others will try incredible total raisin bran with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals, juicy raisins and crunchy whole grain flakes. guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. how are you getting 100%?
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>> eric: the comments on the crisis in lybia, pope benedict xvi sending prayers to all the victims of violence and calls on the world to bring aid to the country and the comments come as forces loyal to muammar qaddafi are ramping up their attacks, against the rebel opposition. ♪ >> jamie: a new warning, the food and drug administration, putting the new washing on a popular prescription ulcer drug, the fda saying many of the drugs in the category can actually lower your magnesium levels and, doctor, why would that be of concern? >> well, if, in fact, these drugs which are taken, you know,
10:51 am
continuously and on a regular basis, lower magnesium, low magnesium can cause muscle aches and pains and also cause troublesome disturbances of cardiac rhythm. some of these rhythm disturbance can be serious and is not a good idea to take these drugs on a constant basis. i always say in every medicine there is a little poison. you should not take any medication for any longer than you absolutely need it and that includes these ulcer drugs. >> eric: doctor, we talk about medication and the middle of the flu season now, a lot of people are considering whether or not to get the flu vaccine. and, some people have concern about whether or not the vaccine is safe. if you have an egg allergy. because it could contain some amounts of egg protein. doctor, what is -- is there -- a connection between the flu vaccine and people who have egg
10:52 am
allergies. >> the risk of getting flu and the complications that can develop in somebody with flu are such that if you -- you should take the vaccine, regardless of your history of egg allergy. it has been shown that the number of complications in people with so-called egg allergies who take the flu vaccine is really inconsequential. i don't think you need a skin test, i think if you are offered a -- go to your doctor, and he or she tells you to take a flu shot, you get it. forget about the egg allergy. if there is -- if there is a previouses -- in previous years, you have had the flu vaccine and almost died from a reaction from -- an adverse reaction that is a different story but most people who think or know they have an egg allergy are safe to take the
10:53 am
flu vaccine. >> eric: and you have been saying, gets the flu vaccine. >> absolutely. mantra. >> everybody over the age of 6 months, should get the flu vaccine and, these new flu shots, you know, are so good and in my own practice i haven't seen any patients who have complained of any significant side effects. you know, you may get a little discomfort in the arm but that is about it. i am insisting that all my viewers here get that flu shot. >> eric: we'll check next week if they do. >> jamie: no excuse to be out with the flu. we are tracking a huge storm system that left behind horrible destruction in louisiana. and it is on the move. heading east. and, taking aim at major cities. we'll have an update on these extreme weather conditions, rick reichmuth joins us, next. [ male announcer ] this is charlie whose morning flight to london starts with arthritis pain... and a choice. .
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10:57 am
♪ ♪ >> eric: back with sunday house call and your host dr. rosenfeld who always gives us a healthy monday tip to start our week right. doctor, what is it today? >> here is one i'm sure that you've never thought of. if you wear contact lenses, don't wear them, or wear them as little as possible if you get sick. that's because when you develop any kind of illness, the amount of fluid that your
10:58 am
eye produces is decreased. you can get, you're more likely to get irritation from the contact lenses. so i don't know, jamie, you don't wear contact lenses, and you obviously don't. so to the rest of the listeners this is a very good tip. if you have contact lenses, i mean if you need them to read and that's fine. but don't wear constantly if you get sick because you run the risk of developing inflammation and irritation of your eyes. >> jamie: that is good to know. it could be dry from the medication or the illness as well. >> right. >> jamie: thank you, doctor. great topics today. we appreciate it. i feel better already. how about you? you will try. send e-mail at sometimes you get a letter from the doc and sometimes we bring them up on the air. send them to us. >> never get a bill. just a letter.
10:59 am
>> jamie: that's true! the price is right. here is the address -- log on to to see today's show or preview show to get the great advice and the one-liners are included. >> eric: wonderful to see you as always. >> thank you. see you next week. >> jamie: thanks, doc. thank you. >> eric: we start a new hour with a fox news alert. deadly storm system that slammed louisiana and caused wide-spread destruction. now it's threatening the east coast of our country. the storm triggered a tornado that tore through rain, louisiana. it damaged 100 homes and levelled some of them. now the storm system targeting the east coast. good morning on sunday morning. i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby. as they always do, it moved in fast and furious. the picture, they tell the story.
11:00 am
the tragic story, emerging from the destruction in louisiana. we're hearing one story of a young mother who was killed in that storm. she was just trying to protect her child. >> it's unfortunate. that's where we need to pray, because we have confirmed fatalities a tree fell on the house. a young mother was protecting her daughter. unfortunately the mother passed away. but the daughter is doing fine from what we heard. >> jamie: our hearts are so sad right now in rain, louisiana. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth in the fox extreme weather center. where is the system now? >> the storm moved up to east louisiana here. yesterday, we didn't have severe outbreak, there were six tornadoes. we had worse weather in the week but it only takes one storm to cause the problems. they come on so quickly. the severe threat not so big. we're dealing with flooding concerns. enin the ohio river valley and ohio, where you see the darker green, there is flood warn going on.
11:01 am
we had so much snow that melted and rain in the last week-and-a-half we had the flooding concerns. now we have flood watches in effect across the eastern seaboard as the storm moves east. there is also a cold side to the storm. so we have winter storm warnings in effect for pennsylvania, new york, and northern side of new england. some areas will see 12 inches of snow. you can see this happening, up and down the eastern seaboard. snow as far south as tennessee. bad news there is another storm on tap. pulling in across california. rain and snow in higher elevations. but the storm will follow the same track as the lost one. we already have winter storm advisories for utah, colorado. then in nebraska. tuesday, snowstorm that could be weather event across the south. then we have flooding
11:02 am
concerns with us all week and threat for more severe weather. >> jamie: wow! that was an extreme weather report. rain, snow, cold. i didn't see any sunshine. thank you for warning everyone to be careful wherever they are. thank you, rick. we appreciate it. >> eric: a fox news alert. new indications coming in that libya may be in for a long drawn-out civil war. forces loyal to muammar gaddafi regrouping, as gaddafi's helicopter gunships and group troops are opening fire on opposition forces. they are launching rockets and artillery at another port town on the mediterranean coast. will gaddafi beat back the rebels? or can they finally topple him from power? leland vittert is streaming live with the latest from libya. >> reporter: eric, i just got back from the front lines here and it's clear now that the rebels that have been moving across the eastern
11:03 am
part of the country have definitely gotten hiccup in their giddy-up. gaddafi has definitely stopped them in their tracks. they were ambushed in the town. it feels that they got the town members to invite the rebels in. you can see what the destruction and the bloodshed that has come after that ambush happened. the fighting has been brutal. gaddafi has used everything from helicopter to fighter jets to knock the rebels back and push them back. he said he will kill every man, woman and child if that's what it takes to keep his country. now, as for the rebels, they have succeeded they say in shooting down at least one libyan fighter yet. there were bombings in a couple of check points near to where we were earlier today. the rebels feel like if they can get control of the size or at least make the gaddafi
11:04 am
forces really afraid of their anti-air defenses they may be able to gain the upper hand on the ground. however the air attacks are something they have very little control over and something that the rebels have is bravado. they don't have a lot of command and control and don't the platoon structure of standard military or medical structure of standard military to take care of those wounded. it's still disorganized and chaotic situation. it appears as though the rebels are going to have to try to get control of their own men and put them in some fighting position before they're going to move any farther. if gaddafi continues his counterattack, things could be very difficult for him. back to you. >> eric: no sign yet the international community has any intention to impose a no-fly zone to try and stop gaddafi's forces. leland vittert live in libya. thanks. >> jamie: as fighting rages in eastern libya, thousands of refugees are fleeing
11:05 am
toward the west. crossing a border to neighboring tunisia. migration officials say more than 190,000 people have left libya with more than 100,000 of them crossing in to tunisia. others are fleeing to egypt, nigeria or algeria. >> eric: to afghanistan, where a roadside bomb has killed 12 people, including five children. it happened in the eastern patika province. the explosive device hitting a truck traveling between two towns. afghan president hamid karzai blamed the taliban and condemned the attack, saying it was "against all principles of islam." >> jamie: back on u.s. soil, a story so many of you are following. what will happen in washington? president obama has said in his address this weekend he's offering house republicans a deal in the budget battle. more spending cuts he will agree to. mr. obama wasn't specific on details. what are the chances the
11:06 am
g.o.p. will agree when they don't know the specifics? the democratic party chair, that's what he was. and karen, former national congressional committee director. great to see both of you. thank you. >> thank you. >> jamie: dick, how specific was the president and what does the g.o.p. need to know to decide if they like what the president has to say and will agree? >> the president has made it clear that he is willing to deal with moderate republican contingency in the house and senate. the problem is even the republicans, moderates, speaker of the house are having to dance to the tune of the tea party. they want $160 billion in cuts. they say if you adopt the cuts you'd put 70,000 government workers out of work to rip to 250 to 350,000 private sectors jobs.
11:07 am
a million jobs would be lost as a result of this. what president obama is trying to do is propose a budget that balances the fragile recovery with a need to reign in government spending. all this debate doesn't deal with the elephant in the room, no pun intended, social security, defense and other entitlements. the interest comprise probably 85% of the budget. this is more about slogans than solutions that the republicans are proposing. i think rightly, the president has come back to republicans and said look, if you want to eliminate something, don't eliminate the money we use for pregnant women and children under the age of five. that's almost $800 million. that's not where you balance the budget. don't lieliminate funding on enforcement after what happened on wall street. >> jamie: let's get karen in here about some of the things you're raising. there are specifics you are bringing up.
11:08 am
generally the republicans said what they wanted and the president wasn't that specific. they wanted to cut $100 billion from the budget. they had a plan and presented it. not closer. going two weeks out of time. how do we get past this? >> it will be very difficult. i think it's going to get much worse before it gets better. if they pick up votes in the senate for the next few weeks there is a chasm between where republicans and democrats are. we know harry reid does not have 60 votes he needs even from his own party on a budget vote right now. there will be a lot of wheeling and dealing by democrats like mary landrieu and ben nelson in nebraska who can use, who can leverage -- i understand why they're doing it. they leverage the budget to get concessions for things that are important to their constituents in the district and the state.
11:09 am
we are a long way from reaching a compromise, not the least of which is how are we going to find middle ground to defund obamacare? that's what republicans, that's the end goal here. democrats are far to the left of that, of course. this is a story that is going to drag out for weeks and weeks, i'm afraid. >> jamie: a big issue, obamacare defunding. i understand. dick, i want to ask as the debt continues to rise an we don't come to an agreement, the president holds the power here, he can veto when we get to the budget. how much do you think he is willing to compromise for the american people? he is willing to compromise a lot. the problem is $100 billion in cuts but the republicans propose $60 billion in cuts. tea party wanted $100 billion.
11:10 am
it has already come down $40 billion. there are areas we can agree on we have to make cuts. no question. do you do cuts that result in the fragile economy? most of the expensive obamacare is three years off. what the republicans propose are things they can put on a placard but they aren't policy. if you do away with pbs, npr, what does it say? not much. the big programs are defense, social security, medicare and other entitlements. i don't hear anybody except for rand paul talking about making huge cuts or raising retirement age or doing something to deal with the debt. president obama can veto but he doesn't get a vote in senate or house. they have to pass something.
11:11 am
legislators do your job and then president obama will veto it or sign it. >> jamie: karen, you get the last word. what are your thoughts? >> if president obama is serious, we'll see meetings with mitch mcconnell and the white house. this is the only way it will get done if they do it together. this is a waiting game. he will hope that republicans do it first. this is political. we have a presidential and big senate races coming up. that is what at the end of the day this will be held hostage to. >> jamie: thank you, both. >> thanks. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: almost four years to the date after his disappearance there are new signs that former f.b.i. agent robert levinson could be live. he vanished while visiting iranian island and new evidence is suggesting he is being held in southwest asia, perhaps afghanistan or pakistan. joining us is christopher
11:12 am
voss, former lead international kidnapping negotiate forthe f.b.i. management director for insight security. thank you for being with us this morning. what do you think happened to mr. levinson and why is he being held? >> why he is being held is the fact he's retired f.b.i. agent. possible whoever grabbed him thought he was engaged on behalf of the u.s. government and didn't believe he was retired, when in fact he is. there is suspicions that he was doing something he wasn't doing, evidently. >> eric: he is in private security now and some reports that he was potentially investigating cigarette smuggling. the island is kish island and iranians try to make it rival to dubai. fancy airports and hotels.
11:13 am
a million tourists visit there a year. what about the possibility he was investigating this and it had something to do with this? >> if the iranian want to promote commerce and have people come to, then having people disappear from the island is counter to the interests. allowing things to happen on the island is not good for the commerce. >> eric: is there and has there been a connection in your view between the potential russian mob and smuggling and iranian elements maybe he was investigating? >> i don't know whether or not it was connected at all. i do know recently that there is proof of life they've been talking about, evidently it's firm enough for the u.s. government and his family to believe he's alive. also from what i understand, it came up accidentally. it wasn't part of a plan that suddenly they found out that bob levinson was alive. however, they have the information now. it's actually a very good
11:14 am
sign. someone spent this much time keeping him alive, he has some value alive. >> eric: what value could it be? is there a lot more going on behind the scenes we don't know about? >> there is a lot more going on behind the scenes we don't know about. what value he has and the actual value that people believe he has are probably two different things. more than likely they invested this much time holding on to him, they think he is more valuable as a bargaining chip than he actually is. his value is as a human being. if they can recognize that and see possibilities of how much good it would do to let him go on a larger scale, they don't need to be greedy for what they're trying to go in return. >> eric: you hit it on the head. they by all accounts are not at all related to the u.s. government in any way. iranians often allege that people are part of some plot when they are not. so do you think could happen and how could we get him out
11:15 am
and how can he get back to his wife christine and his family? >> this is common in negotiations. not that unusual. this is an issue i talk about a lot in a course i teach at georgetown in negotiation at business school. someone who holds something has a tendency to overestimate its actual value. the case of the hikers and the case of bob levinson, whoever is holding him thinks they are more valuable than they are. they tend to hold on to them for a very long period of time. until they finally discover what they can get for them. and trade them away. to them, it's a bargaining chip. >> eric: well, his life and he is more than a bargaining chip. we hope and prey that levinson will be freed and our thoughts are with his family. christopher voss, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> jamie: great to bring attention to that. speaking of getting attention, charlie sheen and more attention getting behavior. he wants you to know he is winning. the troubled star is hosting
11:16 am
his on live show, believed to be right from his beverly hills mansion. not sure if the goddesses will continue to make appearances, but we are going to tell you about the new sheen show next. also, getting ready to prepare your tax return? what about the i.r.s. they are upping the audits, folks. we want to let you know last year, more audits by a million. we're going to get you some advice from a former i.r.s. agent and attorney so you can be extra careful this year. [ male announcer ] gout's root cause is high uric acid.
11:17 am
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>> eric: charlie sheen spreading his message now over the internet. he appeared last night on a webcast. called "sheen's corner" that streamed live from his beverly hills home. if you haven't had enough of charlie, here is the latest. >> welcome to "sheen's korner." you are in my corner. with the trolls. >> eric: his online show went on for an hour. he showed off a tattoo of his new slogan "winning." you know, he has made a steady stream of appearances lately after cbs shut down the tv comedy and his estranged wife took custody of the couple's two boys. >> jamie: time to look out for you in the consumer
11:21 am
protection segment. you are likely turn in your i.r.s. return. audits has risen dramatically. a million new audits from the last year. what red flags should you avoid? tips for chances to keep the i.r.s. from calling. we have the assistant editor for kipling tax letter and tent spiem as i.r.s. agent and tax attorney. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> a lot of us haven't done returns yesterday. what are the red flags? i remember home office was one they warned you about. still? >> yes. home office has always been one that is right for audit. the home office deduction, people are tough and the i.r.s. knows people cut themselves slack that the office has to be exclusively or regularly in trade or business. "exclusive" means that you can only use it and it can't
11:22 am
be where your family watches tv at night. >> the guest bedroom doesn't really qualify. also you say cash businesses. if you have one of those, people who are involved in those bises are suspect to the i.r.s. -- those businesses are suspect to the i.r.s. >> that's because the i.r.s. is well aware that people who receive cash in their business are less likely to report all of their income. also, they may be a bit more likely to overstate their deductions. so the i.r.s. has always looked in cash business. >> jamie: an example that you gave me when we spoke was taxi driver, something like that. restaurant. car costs, sometimes we deduct our automobile. what should we keep in mind? >> deducting an automobile is fine. but what people do and what the i.r.s. looks at a lot of time are people who claim
11:23 am
100% of their vehicle for business use, especially if they don't also have a personal car available to them they can runner rapids and take the kids to school, et cetera. >> jamie: watch out for that. another one that surprised me was large charitable deductions. could be a red flag? >> generally, any higher deductions taken on your return could be red flag for the i.r.s. audit. charitable contribution, a lot of substantiation is required. >> jamie: they have a formula to know if you have given too much. how do we avoid audits? here are some of the ways. put them on the screen. interesting. one way that people, a lot of people should check are math errors. >> right. there is no sure way to avoid i.r.s. audit but if you want
11:24 am
to reduce attention to yourself, file clean return without math errors. that is one of the largest causes of receiving correspondence back from the i.r.s. >> jamie: double check your numbers. supporting documents; particularly, buying a house or anything with real estate. h.u.d. statement you said you may need to attach. can you explain? >> for the home buyer credit that people can take for 2010, you're supposed to attach the settlement statement to your return. a lot of people haven't done it in the past. in fact, as of may 2010, the i.r.s. spent 260,000 letters to people claiming home buyers credit because they haven't attached the necessary documentation. >> jamie: that could be a big oops. that is a good one. did you want to finish your sentence? i want to ask you, because you say as you go through the year, no things on the receipt like who you had dinner with at the
11:25 am
entertainment meal maybe. there is a much better way than trying to recreate it. >> keeping contemporaneous documents while you incur them and contemporaneous receipts is the best thing to do. it makes it easier when you prepare your return. also, if you are ever called for an audit it's less stress if you have substantiation. lack of substantiation is one of the common causes for audit adjustment. >> jamie: so much experience and i can't give all the tips but i advise people to look for you in the internet. kiplinger tax letter as well. lots of suggestions. in 2010, the i.r.s. had 3,000 criminal investigations and they have 90% conviction rate. you want to try some of these. thank you. nice to meet you. >> thank you, jamie.
11:26 am
>> the white house says all options on the table and it has to do with the rising cost of gasoline. violence in libya is increasing the price every day. next, what the administration is now considering, and what it means for us. [ female announcer ] this is not a prescription. this is mary... who has a million things to pick up each month on top of her escriptions. so she was thrilled that her walgreens pharmacist recommended a 3-month supply and would always be there to answer questions about her health. now mary gets 3 refills in one and for 3 months, she's done. more or less. ask your pharmacist about a 90 day supply and get a free gift. walgreens. there's a way to stay well. crisp, clear, untouched. that's why there's brita, to make the water we drink, taste a little more, perfect. reduce lead and other impurities with the advanced filtration system of brita.
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>> jamie: an earthquake rocked northern chile this morning. the quake clocking in at 6.2 magnitude. chile's national emergency agency says the quake caused some alarm but no report of injuries or damage. and tornado slammed a louisiana town and more than 100 homes damaged, one person killed. a young mother who died trying to protect her child. forces loyal to muammar gaddafi, launching a major assault against opposition forces today. libyan warplanes helping in the strife with the ground battle, they're erupting as the rebels try to move west toward the capital. the move comes after opposition try to control two
11:31 am
important oil ports. >> eric: the gas prices are rising 4 cents every day for the past week. the violence in libya is prompting foreign oil production companies to shut down production there. it helps drive cost sky-high. the white house considering tapping in the strategic oil supply to help. what would it mean to the price we pay at the pump? what does it mean for economy? brenda buttner, host of "bulls and bears". it's amazing the gas prices have gone up 10% in the last two weeks. how does tapping into the oil reserve help that? >> it's amazing. 16 cents in the last week when unrest in libya caught fire. there are 727 million barrels of crude oil in the strategic
11:32 am
reserves. is it seen more of a p.r. move. yes, this could help with any supply disruptions. it's been used several times in the past. most recently in 2008 when gustov and ike hurricane hit the gulf coast. we saw it used in katrina, in desert storm. at this point this is supported by the democrats who think this is the best way to help with the supply disruption. republicans on the other hand would rather see us go to the gulf coast and start drilling again or go to alaska to start drilling, but that would be a long er term option for what we're facing, which could be a long term unrest to the middle east. if it continues to saudi arabia we could be in trouble. >> talking about libya,
11:33 am
perhaps, turning into a civil war going on for months, obviously would it keep prices going up? >> libya mainly exports to europe. but, of course, it's a worldwide market. it clearly has had impact on oil. we're at $104 a barrel now. we have seen the prices higher than that. but gas prices have been coming along quickly, which is something we don't usually see. we see a lag at times. as you were saying it's 4 cents a day for quite some time. it could be we see $4 a gall gallon gas by the summer. in a tepid recovery could really pose problems for the economy. >> you know about the summer driving. that is one of the problems or issues there.
11:34 am
>> we will keep an eye on it. >> thank you. >> the voter fraud now allegations, just this past week, the republican secretary of state of indiana charles white was indicted on voter fraud charges. he is the state top election official and faces seven felony accounts for allegedly lying for voter address registration. he calls the case an innocent mistake but the fellow republican governor mitch daniels and state democrats have called on white to resign. in tucson, arizona, election officials are looking into voter fraud allegation that someone may fill out the voter fraud for nursing home for next week's elections. >> we don't want a john smith vote count when it's jim jones' ballot. that should object cur. >> eric: about the possible abuse in minnesota, don ryan
11:35 am
confirms to fox news he launched investigation into allegation that mentally incapacitated person may be exposed there. 35-year-old james stein suffered severe brain damage in 1987 when he jumped to a river to save his sister's life and court declared him incapacitated. his father is charging that a vulnerable adult was exploited. he says voter fraud crime was committed because james is mentally incompetent and very coachable. it's my belief that someone else filled in his ballot for him. he tells us that he is irate about this and his son was used and when he asked for whom his son voted for his son replied gerald ford. in minnesota, secretary of state says only a court can decide mental competency to vote. we'll follow up on this issue with possible voter abuse. if you suspect a voting
11:36 am
problem where you live, we want to know about it. e-mail is voter fraud at fox we'll stay on the issue. >> jamie: some call at it major setback to president obama's signature legislation. the federal judge in florida ruling the healthcare law is unconstitutional and there are new developments from this week. from that judge, why that could mean big changes to the healthcare law in your state. florida's attorney general is our guest live next only on fox. ♪ i have clients say it's really hard to save for the future and they've come to a point where it's overwhelming. oh gee, i'm scared to tell you i've got this amount of credit card debt or i've got a 15-year-old and we never got around to saving for their college. that's when i go to work. we talk, we start planning. we can fix this. when clients walk out of my office they feel confident about their retirement.
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coming up live from washington, democratic congressman jim mcdermott says republicans are purposely creating chaos when it comes to the budget on capitol hill so they can defeat president obama in 2012. i'll ask him about that when he joins us live. plus, house members from both sides of the aisle join us to talk about libya and what the
11:41 am
u.s. should or shouldn't do there. state and local officials take on the fight against illegal immigration because they say the fed aren't doing it. you will hear from one of the most vocal. those stories and more at the top of hour. >> a huge blow to president obama's healthcare law. federal judge benson ruled in janz that the law was unconstitutional. this week when the judge was asked to qualify the ruling, he ordered the feds if they were going to appeal had to do it in a week. march 10. it kwouf an -- it could have an impact. joining us now is the attorney general, pam bondi. great to see you. thank you for being with us. >> you, too. thanks. >> jamie: i know you share my interest in this topic and you have been involved in
11:42 am
moving this forward in your state. why is judge benson decision and clarification about an appeal so significant? >> it is not only our state. we have 25 other states working hand in hand with us. in fact, we talk almost daily. we are meeting in person this week, with the national federation of individual business and two individual plaintiffs. we're a team. this is a team effort. we're working as hard as we can. now this has such significant impact because the federal government has been dragging their feet. we've said it from day one. if they want to appeal, they should have done it right away. they filed a motion to clarify, which was unorthodox. the judge addressed that in the recent order. what they are doing is a stall tactic. the judge called them out on it and reiterated that the fundamental powers under our constitution to regulate commerce do not apply, do not
11:43 am
apply to mandate in what they are trying to do. they about like in all the motion the sky is falling. yet, they're dragging their feet. we have asked the president and what we are asking the department of just analysis is get this to the supreme court as soon as possible. that's the significance of the order. he ordered them to file motion to appeal in seven days, next week. he agreed to order them to expedite it to supreme court. we know we're going to supreme court and we believe it's unconstitutional and we need to get there as soon as possible. >> jamie: so this florida judge has an impact for the other state and attorneys general. what happens next? if they take their appeal they will get decision and ruling. could the judge in your
11:44 am
opinion be overruled? >> we are going to the 11th circuit and he ordered them to expedite. no matter what, 11th circuit is a pass-through to the supreme court. we have spoken them to the department of justice and urge them to expedite. to me, the white house should agree with us. this case affects the entire country. we need, we know it is going to the supreme court. we need to get there as soon as possible. the judge granted a stay with the understanding they would expedite and file the appeal next week. hi even said the brief -- he even said the briefs are good to go. just put color copy on the front of them and ready for the supreme court. that's what we are asking the department of justice to do. >> jamie: for folks out there who aren't attorneys -- you prepared a lot of the documents. as the appeal goes forward
11:45 am
the judge did say some of the measures will go through. what is the status of that? with obamacare? what would you expect that congress needs to do to either support or fight what is going on with the court? >> congress is doing what they can to support us. hopefully the senate will take it up as well. we are expediting this as soon as possible. the full mandate doesn't take effect until 2014. in florida we have a governor who says we don't want your money. this is unconstitutional. they're dragging their feet and hope that we will get wrapped up in this, that there is no way out. there is a way out, to get it to the supreme court as soon as possible. because we firmly believe it's unconstitutional.
11:46 am
the federal government, trying to force us to purchase a product simply by being alive. not participating in any activity at all. >> the small businesses are working with you. pam, please come back as we approach the decision as it makes its way through the court. certainly when the decision is rendered. we appreciate it. >> absolutely. thank you, jamie. >> jamie: take care. >> eric: have you heard about the scam in the sky that lightened your wallet? the international airlines were raking in big bucks they say, conspireing in a fraud that cost american taxpayers a lot of dough. we will tell you what happened and what the government is doing about it. ♪
11:47 am
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11:50 am
>> eric: federal prosecutors slapping fines on airlines for price-fixing scheme. the scam cost americans and businesses hundreds of millions of dollars. the fines totalled $1.7 billion so far. 19 airline executives have been charged and they inspired -- conspired to make up for lost profits. british airways was cited and
11:51 am
korean air. ♪ ♪ >> jamie: protests are expected this afternoon as hearing on muslim radicalization in the u.s. kick off this week on capitol hill. critics are saying it's un-american. but new york congressman peter king chairman of the homeland security committee believe it's necessary because al-qaeda and other terrorist organizations pose a serious threat at home. both sides converging on times square and julie banderas is monitoring it in the newsroom. >> the rally is centered around the slogan, "today i'm a muslim, too." where muslim and non-muslim alike join in solidarity. they're gathering in times square to show support for the american williams. the rally as you mentioned is in response to the march 10 congressional hearings, dubbed the radicalization of
11:52 am
the muslim communities in america. it is led by congressman peter king. the hearings highlight what he says the increasing threat of the homegrown terrorism in the u.s. and lack of support from the muslim community. > >> [ inaudible ] i said time and again the overwhelming majority of muslims are good americans. but the threat is coming from their community. we have to find out how to stop it. >> but some say it's not fair coming from one group. russell simmons is one that is leading the rally and says we acknowledge the work from the congressional committee and homeland security, however we're afraid it will send the wrong message. potentially put them at risk insighting fear and enemity.
11:53 am
where there is a protest, a counter protest. liberty alliance will come out to defend the opposite message. they are saying, "i am not a muslim, too." >> jamie: thank you. we'll check in throughout the day. >> eric: the charlie sheen show, seems like on every channel, tv, radio and online. who is being exploded? sheen or media. liz trotta on the media and charlie next. [ male announcer ] springtime belongs to the doers.
11:54 am
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11:57 am
>> eric: charlie sheen. need i say more? had enough of tiger blood and adones dna? it's a spectacle but who is being exploited? sheen or the media? liz trotta, author, journalist and fox news contributor joins us every sunday at this time with her commentary. good morning. >> good morning. have you reached the boring point with this yet? >> eric: i like to know how the media has behaved. this has gone on and on and on and on and on. >> this is amazing and putting to rest that news is now entertainment, we won't go there. we've done it before. i was waiting for this, the "new york times" didn't
11:58 am
disappoint. they have sheenology. this is their way to get around the fact they turn their nose down of the story and they have a chronology and anthology of the funny things written about him. there is plenty. what takes the case is the disposable woman. this is a feminist take. this is a woman who has a feminist website called jezebel, and what she is saying is that we, because she says our, we americans have the nerve to think that anybody who works in the sex trade has given up their right not to be insulted or degraded, or in any way thought to be doing it for money. well, i mean, this is now the ridiculous stage. when the times run op-ed
11:59 am
piece on feminism out of this incredible story where his goddesses are willingly willing -- the goddess sister mary elizabeth and sister margaret ann who are willingly being interviewed and have flooded the airwaves, as charlie sheen has, i don't think feminism should be part of the debate. do you? >> eric: what should the media do when it comes to charlie sheen? >> i think finally, what is he? we have access to what a lot of hollywood stars have done. he is not that interesting a guy or that great an actor. he's not. just another hollywood junkie. already it's peaked. and the show on facebook or twitter or whatever -- >> eric: sheen's korner. >> that is one shot because everybody was bored with what started out as

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